Top 5 Football Competitions 2018

Top 5 Sports Competitions: Football Competition: 1st Place: Football competition in Australia: FIFA, FIFA Women’s World Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, L’Equipe Football, LMP, LaDame de Paris, LFP, Lotto, LSPL, Bundesliga 2, Bundesliga 3, LIV, Lompte, Serie B, La Serie, Ligeti La Liga title 2nd Place: […]

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How to become a champion in sport: What’s required?

Sports Canada is asking people to become sport ambassadors.The Canadian Sportswear Association is looking for more than just a handful of people who want to “be a sport ambassador” to be involved in the sport.The association is looking to fill roles ranging from coaching and volunteering, to helping organize events and working with athletes.In the […]

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The Ultimate Athlete: A Look At What You Can Expect To See From The 2018 Olympics

The 2018 Rio Olympics will be a landmark event for athletes around the world.It will be the first time that athletes competing in two sports will be competing in a single Olympic Games.This will also be the largest-ever number of sports and the largest number of athletes participating in a simultaneous Olympics.The athletes who will […]

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New US-China rivalry set to escalate in 2018

The rivalry between US and Chinese professional sports teams has grown into an increasingly bitter one as the United States and China strive to establish their competitive tag teams.In 2018, the two nations will battle for the world title in the men’s professional wrestling world championship.The two teams have also been linked to the 2019 […]

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Team USA equestrians compete in equestria competition

In the world of equestrials, a team sport that can last for days at a time and can be practiced at home and in public, it’s not uncommon for teams to compete for a championship.This year, Team USA, as well as the national team, competed in equestein competition at the 2017 World Championships.And they did […]

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