How to get the most out of your barstool sport competition

If you’ve been watching the sports competitions on the BBC, you’ve probably noticed that some of them feature a barstools competition.Barstools competitions are a way of sharing a sport with friends or family members, and they’ve been gaining in popularity in recent years.Bar stools competitions use a bar stool as the platform, and people can […]

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Which sport is the best for your body?

Competition fitness sports can be a fun way to get fit.These competitive sports are fun for everyone, whether you’re a runner, a swimmer, or a weightlifter, but some people find it’s not for them.Here are five of the best competitive fitness sports for body types and shapes.1.CrossFit 3.The CrossFit workout combines cardio, resistance training, and […]

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New ‘Gifted’ Games Will Have The ‘Best Players’ In Sports

With the 2016 Olympics coming up, the next frontier for sports competitions is to bring players who are the best.According to ESPN’s Grantland, there will be five games that will compete for the best athletes in each of the sports in the 2020 Olympics.“We want to create a system where the best players will compete […]

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Which of the UK’s major sport is the toughest?

The UK’s leading sport has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, but the popularity of cycling has also been on the rise.In the past year, the number of UK-registered cycling teams has increased from 1,200 to 4,400. The number of professional cyclists is also on the increase, with an estimated 2,500 teams competing in […]

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