When does the NRL start to make money?

The NRL has always struggled to attract viewers in Australia and has been one of the most unpopular sporting codes in the country.In 2017, the league faced criticism over the way it conducted business, particularly in relation to player welfare, which led to the resignation of chairman Todd Greenberg.But, despite the difficulties, the NRL’s financial […]

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Best and worst golf courses in the UK

The UK is a very diverse country and a large portion of our sporting events are organised in a very different way from the rest of the UK.With so many different kinds of sporting events, we have had to make some compromises to accommodate them.But we’ve found that some of the most successful golf courses […]

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How to get more people interested in competitive sports

How to boost interest in competitive sport?Find out how to reach out to the most interested in your sport, and make sure your audience is as engaged as possible.Competitive sports are growing in popularity worldwide, with more than 60 million people watching or participating in competitive events in 2016, according to the International Federation of […]

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‘Fierce competition’ drives $2 billion in sports retail deal

A $2.5 billion sports retailing deal between the top two U.S. sports leagues is among the largest in history and has the potential to reshape the sports industry in a way that few others have yet achieved, according to the deal’s investors.The deal is one of the biggest ever for sports retailers in the U.A.E., […]

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What do dog owners need to know about the competitive dog sport

Competitive dog sports (CDS) are an intense, competitive form of dog training that involves an athlete competing against others in a series of dog agility competitions.The dogs compete to outdo one another in agility and other agility-related sports.Although the sport originated in France and is closely associated with the French elite, it has been gaining […]

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