‘No, no, no’ to the Olympics in 2020

More than two dozen Australian Olympic athletes have told a senate committee that the 2020 Games will be “not possible” due to a lack of funding.

The submission was submitted by four former athletes who are hoping to enter the Rio de Janeiro Games this summer.

It argues that the “disincentive to participate” for athletes under 30 years old, as well as the lack of money for the 2020 games is “significant and serious” and “could potentially result in the Olympic and Paralympic Games not being run at all”.

It also says there are no plans for an Olympic and Commonwealth Games in 2020, despite the Australian Government pledging $2.2 billion over three years for those two sporting events.

The government is expected to make a decision on the funding for the Rio Olympics next month.

The ABC understands there are at least six people who have submitted the submission to the Senate’s health and education committee, which is hearing the submission on Wednesday.

The submissions, which include a number of former athletes, also include a letter from a former head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), who said he was concerned about the lack to have a sporting event at the 2020 Olympics.

It also includes a statement from former Australian athletes including Mark Cooney, who has been involved in the Paralympics since the 1990s, and Michael Jourdain, who is the chair of the Paralymbics Committee.

The letter says the IOC had not been consulted about the 2024 Games, and has said it is not planning to provide any funding.

It was not immediately clear whether the submission had been received by the committee or if it would be considered in a public hearing.

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