Which sport photographers are the best in the world?

Sports photographers are often called the best photographers in the industry.

And we thought we’d ask the pros to name the best sport photographers.

We asked each of them to select a favourite photographer and to rate them on how much they would want to see them in the future.


Dan Biernat | Getty ImagesThe most widely recognised photographer of all time, Dan Biersnat was born in Belgium.

A talented photographer, he has also been known for his work with the band The Killers.

Biernet is best known for working with The Killies and other acts.


Peter Wessel | Getty 2.

Peter Wessel.

The world’s leading photographer.

His work has been featured in The New Yorker, Newsweek, The Economist and The Economist magazine.

He’s also worked with many famous musicians and directors.


Nick Stott | Getty 3.

Nick Stott.

The most famous photojournalist of the 21st century.

His career began in 2009 when he was hired to cover the London Olympics and continued through the 2010 World Cup and the 2020 Olympics.


David Whitehouse | Getty 4.

David Whitehouse.

The only person in the history of photography to capture the moment of the US Presidential election on film.


David Biernats | Getty 5.

David Biernmats.

The UK’s most famous photographer and a well-known critic of the current state of the photographic industry.


David McNew | Getty 6.

David McNew.

The youngest ever photographer to capture his own image.


Nick Hopkins | Getty 7.

Nick Hopkins.

The greatest sports photographer of his generation.


Andrew Davies | Getty 8.

Andrew Davies.

The first man to photograph the final moments of an Olympic Games.


Paul Gilchrist | Getty 9.

Paul Gilchrist.

The photographer who has taken the world by storm.


Nick De La Torre | Getty 10.

Nick De La Trésor.

The man who created the most iconic portrait of a human face in modern times.


Daniel Friebe | Getty 11.

Daniel Friebe.

The best sports photographer in the entire world.


Andrew Reiss | Getty 12.

Andrew Reiss.

The photojournalism pioneer who was the first to create an entire series on the subject of photography.


Peter Zumthor | Getty 13.

Peter Zum thor.

He has created a legacy that will be recognised for decades to come.


Rob Broughton | Getty 14.

Rob Broughtons best images of the London 2012 Olympic Games and the Paralympics.


John O’Sullivan | Getty 15.

John O’Sullivans first photojournalistic experience.


Steve McCurry | Getty 16.

Steve McCurry.

The true story of how he was introduced to photography and the work of his colleagues.


Daniel Hesse | Getty 17.

Daniel Hesse.

The story of photographer Daniel Hessler, a photographer who became the first professional to capture a shot of a live animal.


Peter Ralston | Getty 18.

Peter Ralstons first photo of a cat.


Michael Caine | Getty 19.

Michael Caine.

The American photographer who broke the mould in the field of sport photography.


Robert Caine (singer/songwriter) | Getty 20.

Robert Caine.(singer).

The most iconic artist of the 20th century.


Andrew Dyson | Getty 21.

Andrew Dyson.

The artist behind The Beatles’ The White Album.


Peter Cushing | Getty 22.

Peter Cushing.

The British photographer who is best remembered for his iconic image of the world’s largest penguin.


Mark Gagliardi | Getty 23.

Mark Gagllias first image of an animal.


Ian Walker | Getty 24.

Ian Walker.

The founder of the UK’s first wildlife refuge.


Andrew Kornhauser | Getty 25.

Andrew Kornhahuser.

The former editor of the Evening Standard and photographer who brought a wealth of iconic images to the world.


Ian Somerhalder | Getty 26.

Ian Somerhauser.

He is best-known for the stunning photograph of the Titanic’s lifeboats after they sank.


Rob Kallstrom | Getty 27.

Rob Kallstom.

The celebrated photographer whose work won the prestigious British Society of Photographers’ Medal.


Peter Hulsmann | Getty 28.

Peter Hulsman.

The Norwegian photographer who went to work for the Royal Air Force during the Second World War.


Daniel Johnston | Getty 29.

Daniel Johnston.

The Irish photographer who first captured the famous photograph of a dying man.


James Hill | Getty 30.

James Hill.

The US photographer who was instrumental in the creation of the first satellite imagery.


Andy Warhol | Getty 31.

Andy Warhol.

The art director and the

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