Dubai Sports Competition Poster for the UAE Football League

Dubai has its first ever competitive soccer league, and it’s called Dubai Sports Competition.

Dubai Sports competition is the result of a partnership between the Dubai Football League and Dubai Sports Promotion Authority (DSPEA), and is expected to launch in the coming months.

Dubay Sports is the world’s first professional soccer competition that is set to take place in the UAE.

It is scheduled to be held at the UAE National Stadium in the capital city of Dubai in 2019.

Dubya Sports competition will run on a four-year cycle.

Each season will feature a new club and team, with each season kicking off in May, with the final season kicking-off in June.

Dubiya Sports competition was created by Dubai’s Sports Promotion Agency, and is run by the DSPEA.

The Dubai Sports competition team is led by Dr Mohammed Al-Majid, a sports scientist and a sports psychiatrist, and includes Dubai’s Olympic athlete Mohammad Hamad, who is a member of the Dubai Sports team, as well as other sports scientists.

Dubia Sports competitions will be the first to be run in the Gulf Arab country.

The competition team will compete against a selection of eight teams in each of the eight seasons.

Dubaya Sports competition runs at the Emirates Olympic Stadium, and will feature an average capacity of over 60,000 spectators.

The inaugural Dubai Sports game will take place on Saturday, March 3, 2019, and the tournament will be held in the same stadium.

Dubiyah Sports competition’s first game is against a Dubai team in a friendly game against Oman.

The game is set for 7:30 p.m. on the second Friday of the month, with fans being able to watch the match on the Emirates Sports Channel.

There will be live streaming, on the Dubai sports website, of the game, as it is broadcast on the Sports Channel and on social media platforms.

Dubaidaas first-ever match will be against an Oman team in an exhibition match.

The Oman team will be playing against UAE team UAE, and Emirates team UAE will be participating in the game.

The UAE team is based in Dubai, and are the national team of Oman.

Dubays first game will be played in front of fans at a capacity of 30,000.

Dubayeda Sports competition game will not be televised.

The first official match between a Dubai and an Oman soccer team will take the place of a friendly match in the Emirates Stadium, which will be televised on the official Emirates Sports channel.

DubaSports will be streamed live on the UAE Sports channel, and on the Sport Channel.

Dubbais official website will be hosted on the sports website.

Dubuais official team website will also be hosted at the DubaiSports website.

The match between the UAE and Dubai will take to the field on the same day.

The Emirates Football League has announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Dubai City Sports Development Authority (DCSEA), the governing body of Dubai.

DCSEA is the governing authority for the Dubai Sport and Entertainment Authority (DSEA) and is also the Dubai government agency for the sport.

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