How to make sure you have a chance at the multi sport championships

The competition championships are coming.

And as for you, I will say this: If you want to be in the field of multi sport, you have to go to Israel.

If you want the chance to play at the national level, then you need to come to Israel, because it’s where the field is.

It’s where we are competing.

As for the other athletes, well, I can’t say what kind of sport they will play.

But they will have to compete in Israel.

I think they will be a part of it.

If I were you, you wouldn’t want to come here, because there’s no chance of playing at the Olympics.

But there is a chance of winning a medal at the championships.

I mean, if you want a chance, you need only to show up.

And that’s what we will do.

At the national championships, we will have no chance to compete against any of the other countries.

That’s the goal.

It doesn’t matter if you play for the US or Israel, if they are playing against each other.

And the Israelis are not afraid to show that.

They are going to be competitive.

The next event is the world championships, the Olympics, on June 7 in Rio de Janeiro.

The main point of contention is the men’s 400m event, which will be held in the capital, Rio.

The competition will be run by the Olympic Committee, with the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) as a co-organizer.

Israel is already hosting the IAAF World Championships this year, and there are plans to hold the world championship in Rio next year.

The organizers are considering a date for the 2018 event.

But if there are any doubts about whether Israel will host the event, you can just ask me: Who knows what will happen.

We have been told that there are talks about it, but we have no idea if it will happen or not.

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