A new way to play: China’s competitive timber sports competition

On the same day as the China National Championships, which will see over 300 competitors from all over the world compete in the biggest event of the year, a new competition is also taking place in the UK, with the International Championship of Competitive Wood Sports.

The competition, which is called the International Championships of Competitive Timber Sports (ICAWS), is the culmination of a series of events held in China in the past few years.

These competitions are run by the Chinese government, and the aim is to make China one of the world’s top timber producing countries by 2020.

The International Championships have attracted the attention of a number of countries, including the US, Australia and the UK.

“This is a big, exciting event for the timber industry, the sport, and for the UK,” says David Wilson, the chair of the British Wood Board (BWB) and one of three chairmen of the ICCS, which organises the competition.

“It is a huge opportunity to see if the UK can take a leading role in developing this new, international and competitive timber industry.”

The International Championship has attracted the interest of a range of countries including the UK and US, but the most significant countries in recent years have been China and India.

China is a country that is increasingly producing wood products such as furniture, furniture and timber.

China also has the world most populous population and is expected to have nearly half the world population by 2050.

“There is a lot of potential in this sector in terms of how it can be used,” says Andrew Lacey, CEO of British Woodboard.

This has meant that the UK has been the main backer of the event. “

The wood board has been at the heart of this global movement, and its ability to bring together a variety of industries from a range, and then take it to the next level is a very important part of what we do.”

This has meant that the UK has been the main backer of the event.

The ICCS is currently taking place from November to February, with over 500 competitions across a variety at different venues across the UK including the Olympic Park, the Royal Festival Hall, the London Eye and the Royal Victoria Exhibition Centre.

It will then move to the Olympic Stadium in London for the Games on 8 July.

China’s wood industry has been a huge growth area for the country, with demand for wood products rising to more than one million tonnes per year by 2020, according to the International Federation of Wood Industries (IFWI).

The British government has invested heavily in the industry and has invested around £100 million in the last decade, with an estimated total of £1.3 billion earmarked to the sector in the first three years of the financial year.

The event will be held at the Olympic stadium on 6 November.

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