Former NFL players ‘disappeared’ for decades after domestic abuse charges


— Former NFL players who allegedly abused their wives have been disappeared for decades.

Former Dallas Cowboys running back and current Miami Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor and former New York Giants defensive end Mike Tyson are among the former NFL players accused of assaulting their wives, according to a new report from Fox News.

The report claims that former players and trainers for both teams were also accused of mistreating their wives.

Fox News’ Fox & Friends host Megyn Kelly reported on Monday that Taylor was the first player to be named in the report, adding that former player Tyson and former Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware were also named in it.

Taylor and Ware were both drafted by the Dallas Cowboys, while Tyson and Ware are still active in the NFL.

Smith’s alleged assault on his wife was reported in September 2016 by the now-defunct TMZ website.

He and Taylor were charged with domestic abuse in March of that year, according a police report from the city of Fort Worth.

In the months that followed, Smith’s wife, who had also been assaulted by him, filed for divorce.

“Smith’s wife filed for separation in June, and a judge denied the divorce, saying she was in a ‘relationship’ with Smith,” Kelly wrote.

“Smith later filed a second divorce suit, claiming he was forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement when he had an affair with another woman.

Smith has said that he and his wife had a ‘very long and tumultuous’ relationship, and that they divorced because of the abuse allegations.

TMZ reported in June that Smith was still living with his ex-wife, who was allegedly dating another former NFL player at the time of the alleged abuse.

After the initial divorce, Smith went on to marry former Cowboys running backs Terrance Williams and Terrance Calloway, who also had a history of domestic abuse.

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