Best and worst golf courses in the UK

The UK is a very diverse country and a large portion of our sporting events are organised in a very different way from the rest of the UK.

With so many different kinds of sporting events, we have had to make some compromises to accommodate them.

But we’ve found that some of the most successful golf courses are actually quite similar to their closest rival.

That’s the case for the UK’s top golf courses.

Here’s a list of the best and worst courses in England, Scotland and Wales.

The best course in the world, St Andrews The best course on Earth The worst course in England The best golf course in Britain is on a small island in the middle of nowhere.

It is called St Andrews and is the smallest golf course on the planet.

The course has a total of 13 holes and takes 18 minutes to complete.

The top three courses are St Andrews, Stirling and St Andrews.

St Andrews is one of the toughest courses in golf.

There are only two sections in the course, the second section is a bit of a slalom section, but it is still the best course at the moment.

The second section has more fairways, more water and the best shot in the game.

The third section is the final section.

The first section has 18 holes and has been designed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and is very easy to play.

It also has the most difficult shot on the course at 7 ft. 6 in.

The best shot on this course is a putt that goes to a total distance of 1,800 yards and is 4 ft. 7 in. wide.

It takes 3 minutes to hit.

The worst shot is a 3 ft. 8 in. putt, and that takes 4 minutes to play and 3 minutes more to hit the green.

Stirling has the second biggest handicap, with a handicap of 7 out of a possible 20.

It’s a short, shallow hole with a lot of trees.

It has the best tee shot, but the most difficulty of any of the other courses on this list.

The handicap is actually more than 3 out of 20, so it is worth a look for those looking for a good challenge.

Stirling is one to be avoided for those with weak putts.

The most difficult course on this tour is in Cornwall.

It can be described as a big ball of mud with little vegetation and it is a tough course for the golfer.

The ball is about 9 feet long, and is made of hard, rocky rock.

It only has a couple of fairways on the first and third holes and a nice hole called The Devil’s Club.

The worst course on tour is at Loughinisland, off the Isle of Man.

It was built by the late Sir Ian Paisley, who has been known to take his wife to his golf clubs.

The land is a swampy boggy swamp that has lots of moss growing over the top of the hills and a couple nice water holes on the fourth hole.

The third best course is the golf course at Castlebridge.

The water is not so clear and it has lots and lots of trees in it.

There is no watercourse in the whole of Britain and the only golf course built in this area is the 18 hole Golf Club at Castle Hill.

There’s also a good water course in a rural area called the North East Golf Club.

The golf course is rated the third hardest on tour and the fifth best in the country.

The second worst golf course, Drogheda, is just across the road from the golf club.

The only other golf course of the Drogs are two golf courses at the golf complex on the North side of Droglish.

They are rated as the second hardest golf course and the third best in England.

The fourth worst golf resort is in County Donegal.

It consists of the small island of Ballymote and the beautiful and very small town of Kintyre.

Kintrye has been described as one of those “big island” golf resorts, with big hills and lots and big sand.

It even has a golf course with a name.

The average player is rated at the sixth worst golf club in the entire country. It costs £9,000 per year to get a golf licence in County Kilkenny.

It means you can only play golf here, not on the mainland.

The cheapest golf course ever built is in Scotland, at the Aberdeen Golf Club in Aberdeenshire.

It cost just £1,000 and it’s one of only two golf clubs on the island.

The other one is in the Scottish Borders.

The Aberdeen Golf Course is rated as a 9 out of 10.

It comes with a putter, tee shot and water, so you’ll have a great experience if you play it.

It might be a bit rough at the start, but if you’re willing to work hard it will be a fun place to play with your mates

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