New ‘Gifted’ Games Will Have The ‘Best Players’ In Sports

With the 2016 Olympics coming up, the next frontier for sports competitions is to bring players who are the best.

According to ESPN’s Grantland, there will be five games that will compete for the best athletes in each of the sports in the 2020 Olympics.

“We want to create a system where the best players will compete with the best,” said Chris Dempsey, ESPN’s senior vice president of Olympic sports and programming.

Dempsey has been involved in Olympic development for the last six years, and is the co-founder of the IOCs Olympic Committee.

The five games will include the Olympic basketball team, which will compete in Beijing in 2022.

That team will be led by three former NBA All-Stars: DeAndre Jordan, Tyson Chandler, and Brandon Ingram.

All five of those players have been a part of the NBA, with Jordan, Chandler, Ingram, and Jamal Crawford the first four players in NBA history to be named to the All-Star team.

Dempsey said the IOC is looking to develop athletes who have the “best athletes on the planet,” and said the four games that compete for best athletes are going to have four different teams.

That’s a very different landscape than what the NBA has been playing with for the past few years.

“That’s something that the NBA hasn’t been able to do,” Dempsey said.

“The NBA has the best team on the floor, the best shooters, and the best point guards, but it’s not enough.

For more on the Olympics, watch the video above.”

It’s about creating an environment where that is the case, and then seeing what the best athlete on that team can do on the basketball court, on the field, and off the basketball floor.”

For more on the Olympics, watch the video above.

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