Watch: The New Batman and Robin Trailer – The New York Times

by Ryan McCaffreyThe new Batman and the Robin movie trailer debuted today at New York’s Empire State Building.

And for those who missed the big reveal last week, we have an exclusive look at the footage.

We first got a glimpse of the trailer last week.

It’s an animated look at Bruce Wayne’s adventures in Gotham City as Batman.

But we were told that it’s still being worked on and not available for the public to watch until at least this fall.

It will debut on the Warner Bros. channel in the U.S. on August 14, and in theaters on August 25.

Here’s what you need to know about the new trailer.1.

The New Batmobile is The New Thing (Not the New Bat-mobile)The new Batmobile looks similar to the one that debuted in Justice League: Origins.

That new version has a new rear camera, which you can see in the video above.

But it has a whole new exterior.

This new one is bigger and it has an upgraded battery.2.

It Looks Like The New Wayne’s Home Is a Real HomeIn the trailer, we see Wayne home alone with his daughter in a room, and then Bruce and Alfred arrive at the home.

But the footage shows them inside a real home, which we think is Gotham City.3.

It Shows Bruce Wayne in his Bat-signal SuitAs we’ve noted, the trailer shows Bruce Wayne with his Batmobile in a new outfit, and also with his signature Bat-Signal Suit.

We also see a lot of other details about the Batman family.4.

Alfred Looks Happy in The New TrailerThe trailer does show that Bruce Wayne is happy, and he’s happy with Alfred.

But he also seems to be a little sad about Alfred’s death, as he’s visibly upset in the trailer.5.

The Trailer’s Theme Is “Batman Returns”From a trailer we’ve seen before, it seems like Alfred is singing “Batman: Return of the Joker.”

But we’re not sure if that’s true.

The song was previously used in the DC Animated Universe, but it hasn’t appeared in a movie since Batman Begins.

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