How to make your own music video on YouTube

If you’re into YouTube, you’ve probably heard the saying that it’s like a big, giant music video game, but you’ve also probably heard it’s a lot like being a teenager in the ’90s. 

You’ll find plenty of catchy tunes on YouTube, but it can be difficult to figure out how to make a great video for your favorite song. 

So if you’re new to the channel, here’s how to create your own video with YouTube’s new Music Video Creation tool.

If you’ve never created a YouTube video before, here are some helpful steps you can follow. 


Click on the Music Video icon on the top left corner of the page.


Click Create New Video from the menu bar.


From the pop-up menu that appears, choose a theme and choose your video title.


Once the video is created, you’ll see a link to upload the video to YouTube.

Once uploaded, you can watch it in YouTube on your desktop or mobile devices.

The YouTube Music Video Creator allows you to create a music video in just a few clicks.

The process takes only a few seconds and is incredibly quick and painless.

You’ll need a computer with a good video editing software installed to create the video.

You’ll also need a microphone, video camera, a digital camera, and a computer that’s connected to YouTube’s servers.

Here’s how:1.

Enter your username and password for your YouTube account.2.

Click the upload button on the lower right of the screen.3.

If you click on the upload, a pop-ups menu will appear. 


Select your video theme from the dropdown list and choose whether you want to create it as a music or video. 


Once you’ve chosen your video, you’re done!

You’ll have to wait for the video’s upload to complete. 

Now that you’ve uploaded your video to your YouTube channel, you should start to see some of your videos start to show up on your profile page. 

The more your channel has, the more you can add new videos to your profile.

You can also make your videos public by adding them to your channel’s profile.

Here’s what your profile looks like:If you’re a YouTube Partner, you might have noticed that you’re now able to see your video in a partner’s channel.

If so, you have two options to get videos added to your partner’s profile:1) Follow the instructions below to add your video.2) Follow these steps to add the video directly to your own channel. 

If you follow the instructions in the first method, your video will be added to a partner account.

However, if you follow this step, the video will not be visible to other users of your channel.1.

In the top right corner of your profile, click on your video’s profile picture. 


From here, you will see a section called “Membership.” 


Click “Members” to see a list of the members of your YouTube community. 

Your partner account has a lot more members than you do, so it’s important to keep that in mind when adding your video and your partner to your account.


From there, you just need to click on “Add Member.” 

5, Now that you have your video added, you need to sign in to your Partner’s account to add it to their profile. 

Click “Join My Partner” at the bottom of the new page.6.

Now, when you’re signed in, your partner will see the video in their profile and you’ll be able to watch it from there. 


Your video has now been added to the YouTube Partner’s profile! 

If your partner has added your video directly from their channel, please click the link to the right of “Add Video.” 

Once your video has been added, it will appear in your Partner profile, with the video icon next to the video title and the YouTube Music Videos logo at the top of the profile.

If your video doesn’t have the YouTube Logo, then it’s unlikely to be added into your Partner account. 

It’s also worth noting that if you’ve already made a video for a YouTube channel and you’re unsure of how to share it, check out our guide on how to get started with YouTube sharing on your YouTube Channel. 

There are two other important things to note when uploading your video:1.)

You can add up to 10 friends to your video if you want.

This is very useful if you have a lot of people watching your video from different countries, and you want them all to see the same version of your video as you.2.)

You need to make sure that you include a timestamp when uploading the video, otherwise your video won’t be added until the timestamp is set to something that’s easy to find on YouTube. It’s

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