What’s next for NFL owners?

After the league’s new collective bargaining agreement came into effect last month, it became increasingly clear that the league wasn’t going to be able to continue to survive.

But it turns out that there are still some things the owners will have to agree on.

One of those things is the salary cap, which is set to increase by $4.6 billion this season.

There’s been much speculation that this would be the biggest deal ever negotiated by the league, but a new study from ESPN Sports Finance says that this is only going to affect the NFL’s biggest stars.

Here’s what ESPN’s Peter King says about the cap increase:”This is a huge change.

The players and the owners are going to have to get on board with it.

But for the next decade, it’s going to change the league.

It’s going the other way around for the players, too.”

King says that even though the cap is going to increase, the league still has a lot of work to do.

Here are the NFL salaries in 2020 and beyond:NFL salaries in the NFL, 2021 to 2022:The players’ union will be fighting for a new collective-bargaining agreement that would allow the league to keep its $1.7 billion salary cap in place, but it won’t get that for several years.

It has until February 5 to negotiate.

The NFLPA is going on strike over the new cap, and the union will probably go back to court if negotiations go badly.

This means that some players will be eligible to hit the open market this summer, including DeAndre Hopkins, Julio Jones, Dez Bryant and A.J. Green.

But there are a few other players who will be restricted from playing at the end of the season.

That includes Jason Witten, who has been out since November with a torn pectoral muscle.

He’s expected to miss at least three games, but there’s a chance he could still play this year.

There are also a couple of players that are still recovering from injuries that were not expected to take their toll on them.

The league’s other biggest star, running back Ezekiel Elliott, has been placed on injured reserve for at least the next four weeks, which means that he can still play.

But he will miss the final three games of the regular season.

There are other players on injured-reserve who could still return in the future.

Here are their seasons’ salaries:NFL salary cap projections, 2021-2022:

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