Nintendo, Amazon make ‘Wii Sports’ competition available to all in 2018

Nintendo, the world’s largest video game publisher, said Thursday it will launch an all-digital competition for players of all ages to compete in the “Wii U Sports” video game.

The “Wiii Sports” competition will launch with the launch of the Wii U game console and “WivSkins” mobile app in 2018.

It will be available to download on Nintendo’s online store starting Oct. 3 and will also be available on select Amazon devices, according to the company.

The launch is a step toward making the Wii “Wix” and “Xbox” digital platforms available to consumers on a single platform.

That would allow the console to appeal to more gamers and allow Nintendo to sell more hardware in the U.S.

A company spokesman declined to provide further details on the launch.

The spokesman said the competition will be free to all and open to all.

“The Wii U is a huge platform for innovation and entertainment, and we are delighted to expand this innovative platform with this new digital competition,” said Hiroshi Mikitani, Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of software and services.

“The Wii Sports and Wix games offer a new way to discover the world of Nintendo games, and with this collaboration, we will bring more people to our Wii U platform.”

In March, Nintendo introduced the Wii Sports app, which allows users to find out where others are playing the “Nintendo Switch” video-game console.

The app allows users access to social media sites and can be used to broadcast games to friends and family on TVs and other mobile devices.

The company’s next-generation console, the “Super Nintendo Entertainment System,” will also launch with its own online competition.

The Wii “Super” console has been popular among young people and young adults for years.

The game system’s ability to stream video and play games online and with friends is popular with younger audiences, who want more of a physical presence to play with.

The competition comes as Nintendo has faced criticism from a growing number of consumers for selling the “PlayStation 4” and its console, Sony, as well as its portable PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

Nintendo is trying to expand its console business, with a push into mobile devices, tablet computers and game consoles.

The company said last month it plans to sell about 60 million consoles by the end of 2021.

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