New US-China rivalry set to escalate in 2018

The rivalry between US and Chinese professional sports teams has grown into an increasingly bitter one as the United States and China strive to establish their competitive tag teams.

In 2018, the two nations will battle for the world title in the men’s professional wrestling world championship.

The two teams have also been linked to the 2019 World Cup, with the USA hosting a rematch against China on June 6.

On Wednesday, the US-based World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) tweeted a photo of a pair of wrestlers, who are competing in the wrestling championships.

The caption read: ‘US-China wrestling feud grows into one of the biggest sports rivalries in history’.

The tweet was posted on Twitter by WWE’s US-focused social media team, who also posted a photo.WWE’s social media accounts were also flooded with angry messages of criticism, including one from an American who said he believed the tweet was meant to be a joke.

“I do not believe the image was meant as a joke,” said the person.

“It’s clearly not meant as an insult, but a way to communicate the idea that we’re not just competitors in the tag wrestling world, we’re also competitors in a sport that is considered as a sport.”

We are a competitive sport, which means that we do not compete in the same way as our competitors, and we are not allowed to compete on the same platform that they do.

“So the way that you have to interact with the world in a competitive environment is through the same rules as any other sport.”

The US-Chinese rivalry, which has been ongoing since World War II, was initially triggered by the wrestling team’s use of Chinese players, such as wrestler Wang Zhenqi, to perform on television.

The rivalry between the two teams was triggered by Wang’s use by the United Kingdom’s British wrestling team, and the USA’s United States wrestling team.

The British and USA teams have both faced off on television in the past, with both teams winning their matches.

The American-Chinese feud has been fueled by the WWE and Chinese government’s desire to keep the Chinese-American wrestlers from entering the sport.

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