Which NFL quarterback is best in the world?

Which NFL quarterbacks are the best in this year’s sports cues competition?

Which NFL QBs have the best game mechanics?

Which quarterback is the best at reading defenses, and how do they handle pressure?

The answers to these questions will tell you who’s the best quarterback in this month’s sports cue competition, which quarterbacks have the most game-changing plays, and which QBs can run the ball with the best efficiency.

The NFL is entering its annual preseason, and all eyes are on the Dallas Cowboys to make the most of the opportunity to face the Houston Texans.

While the preseason usually pits top teams against each other, the Cowboys have to take a chance against the Texans, the team they beat in Week 6 of last year.

They are the favorites to win the game, but they will need to come out of this contest prepared.

Here are the top 10 NFL quarterbacks of 2018:1.

Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys2.

Derek Carr, QB- Oakland Raiders3.

Carson Wentz, QB1.

Tom Brady, QB2.

Aaron Rodgers, QB3.

Russell Wilson, QB4.

Carson Palmer, QB5.

Dak Stafford, QB6.

Aaron Murray, QB7.

Kirk Cousins, QB8.

Blake Bortles, QB9.

Carson Kessler, QB10.

Matt Ryan, QBThe list of the top NFL quarterbacks this year is a bit more diverse than in past years.

There are a lot of top-tier quarterbacks in this draft, but also a bunch of rookies that have shown promise.

Here are the 10 NFL QB of 2018.1.

Matt Stafford, Detroit Lions2.

Carson Carson, Cincinnati Bengals3.

Aaron Donald, Oakland Raiders4.

Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts5.

Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans6.

Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins7.

Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville8.

Dak Pass, Cleveland Browns9.

Andrew Hawkins, Clemson10.

Marcus Peters, Kansas State

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