How to avoid being hit by a boat

What happens if you fall into the water and don’t want to be hit by the boat?

There are a number of different scenarios.

If you don’t see a boat, but feel you might be on the verge of being hit, try to keep your eyes on the shoreline.

If the boat is coming your way, it’s probably not safe to go in.

If there is a large crowd, try and stay away from the shore.

If it is very loud, keep your head down.

If that doesn’t work, get out of the water.

If everything seems fine, you’re probably not going to get hurt.

But if it does happen, you’ll want to make sure you get a good look at the boat before you go back in.

There are plenty of different ways to avoid getting hurt in the water, from just walking out of a car to being in a car with someone.

But in this article, we’ll cover five different scenarios, to give you a general idea of what you can expect.

The first is where you’re at, which is where your boat is.

This is the most common scenario, with people walking away from their boats, or even trying to walk out of their boats.

The second is where they’re at the time you’re swimming, or if you’re just standing in the ocean, but the boat isn’t on the water yet.

This can be dangerous if you go under the boat or your hands or feet get caught in the netting.

If your boat doesn’t come your way right away, don’t worry.

The boats that have boats on board are likely to be safer.

The third is where the boat has no boat, or is anchored out of sight, and you’re not close enough to hear the boat.

If this is the case, you need to be in the boat and wait for it to come in, so you can use your hands and feet.

If all else fails, get back in and try again.

But remember that the boats that don’t have boats, tend to be the safer option.

The fourth is where there are many people swimming together, and it is a boat that’s going to be a problem for you to swim away from.

This includes people trying to jump out and get into the sea, or people using their boats to push themselves into the ocean.

If someone tries to swim over you, you can try to steer them away.

If they get in the way, try turning to avoid hitting them, but don’t turn to avoid them hitting you, either.

If everyone is doing what they need to do, you should be OK.

But make sure everyone’s safe.

This article has given you a good idea of how to avoid a boat hitting you.

You can use a few simple steps to avoid serious injury or death.

These steps can help you stay safe and have fun in the sea.

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