When was the last time you saw a game of cricket in a game room?

The last time I saw a match in a cricket room was on the night of July 6, 2010, when Australia hosted England in a one-day international at Edgbaston in Birmingham.

This was my first match as a Test player, and I was hoping to be able to enjoy my cricket for the first time since my knee injury.

It wasn’t until a few months later that I was able to return to the field after an operation to repair a herniated disc in my knee, but the experience was a rollercoaster ride that ended in my resignation from the Australian team.

For the next six months, I spent a lot of time looking for my former team-mates, and at the time I felt like the only one of the three Australians who hadn’t yet come back to Australia.

“I didn’t have the confidence of the group of people who had worked so hard to get me back,” I said.

“When I saw the crowd I knew it was special, but it was a bit different to the last match.”

It was a moment of clarity for me.

I was the only Test player on the Australian side, and the only player who hadn, at the start of the season, been able to play every game.

“At the start, it was very hard,” I told Al Jazeera.

I’ve got a chance. “

But then it was like, ‘No, it’s not that hard.

I’ve got a chance.

I was still playing cricket, though, and still loved it, but I had to look for my teammates who had gone. “

There were other players who came back and played their last Test matches, and when I got back, I was a little bit happier.”

I was still playing cricket, though, and still loved it, but I had to look for my teammates who had gone.

Al Jazeera: The life of a cricket coach Source Al Jazeera

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