‘Fierce competition’ drives $2 billion in sports retail deal

A $2.5 billion sports retailing deal between the top two U.S. sports leagues is among the largest in history and has the potential to reshape the sports industry in a way that few others have yet achieved, according to the deal’s investors.

The deal is one of the biggest ever for sports retailers in the U.A.E., which has a massive sports-themed shopping mall in the capital, Brasilia, a sprawling metro area of more than 20 million people and is home to a large share of the country’s sporting events.

The deal is the largest retail sports event deal in history, according and is one that could change the way sports fans see the world of sports in Brazil.

“The sports industry is very much in the spotlight, and we feel like this is a way to create a sense of excitement and excitement and recognition,” said Andre V. Bauza, founder and chief executive officer of the Brazilian company.

“It is about building awareness of sports and being recognized for it.”

The agreement, which is expected to close by the end of the year, could be the biggest sports retail deals in history.

It would create a “sports hub” that would offer more than 1,000 sports merchandise stores, with more than half of those to be based in Brasilia.

Sports retail giant Adidas is among some other companies that are expected to participate in the deal, according the Brazilian government.

The deals would mark a major milestone for sports retail in Brazil, which has historically been dominated by a single sports league.

The U.B.L. is the national soccer league of the South American country.

But in recent years, as Brazil has moved to become a regional sports powerhouse, the country has struggled to keep pace with the pace of growth in other major sports leagues in Europe and the U-S.

Sports retailer Nike, for example, has a sports-centric store in the country.

It opened its first store in Sao Paulo last year.

And in 2016, Brazil signed an agreement with an American sports retailer, Amway, to make $1.2 billion worth of apparel and footwear to boost the countrys popularity.

That deal also has been valued at $800 million.

The $2bn deal will not only give sports fans more of a foothold in Brazil but also give other sports leagues a boost, said Carlos Barreto, chief executive of the Sports Retail Association of Brazil, a group representing sports retailers.

It will also give consumers the confidence to get involved in the sports ecosystem, he said.

“It’s a huge step forward for Brazil, it’s a step forward that is really big for sports in general and sports in particular,” Barreta said.

The Sports Retail Alliance of Brazil expects the deal to generate $2 million per store for the three years that the stores will be open, as well as $500 million per year over the course of its 30-year contract.

Bauza expects that by 2022, the Brazilian sports industry could see a “big increase” in sports merchandise sales, with the average person spending $200 on apparel every year.

The retail deal is part of a larger $8 billion sports investment plan that also includes a deal with China’s Zhejiang Group, which plans to invest about $8.2bn in the Brazilian sport sector.

In 2016, the company said it will spend about $7 billion on sports.

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