How to win in the French Open 2018

The French Open is arguably the best-known tennis tournament in the world.

But how do you win the French Grand Slam?

We have collected all the major results from the last four editions of the tournament, and analysed them in detail.

The results in 2018The 2017 Grand Slam had an attendance of about 11.8 million spectators, the highest in the history of the event.

Its main event was a match between Serena Williams and Venus Williams.

The French Grand Prix had a combined attendance of 11.5 million, followed by the women’s singles final between Novak Djokovic and Milos Raonic.

The men’s final between Kevin Anderson and Novak Chopin was the second biggest in history.

In 2018, the men’s and women’s final drew 11.7 million and 11.2 million, respectively.

The women’s tennis final between Eugenie Bouchard and Caroline Wozniacki drew 10.4 million spectators.

The top four men’s singles finalists all drew more than 10 million.

The Grand Slam also had its second biggest TV audience of all time with 13.5 billion viewers tuning in to watch the men and women play.

There was a record audience of 15.9 billion for the final between Roger Federer and Marin Cilic.

The 2018 Grand Slam featured the third biggest crowd in the tournament history, at more than 18 million.

This is an increase of 17 million from the first round, which was also the largest audience to ever see a Grand Slam final.

The crowds also exceeded expectations, as a total of 3.3 million people attended the women and men’s doubles final.

Overall, there were more than 11.6 million live TV viewers in the Grand Slam, a record for the event in its history.

The event averaged 8.2 billion viewers during the three-day event.

The 2018 Grand Masters, held from May 27 to June 6, averaged an average of 5.3 billion viewers.

In total, the Grand Tour attracted an average audience of 3,819,000 viewers, the biggest audience of the calendar year.

The women’s Grand Slam averaged 6,543,000 live TV and 11,872,000 online, a 2.4-fold increase from the 2018 Grand Tour.

The average audience for the men was 7,818,000, and the average audience was 8,922,000 for the women.

The final between Federer, Cilic and Chopin drew 8.5m, more than double the audience for last year’s final.

The main event for the Grand Masters was the final against Roger Fede.

It was the first major final to feature an ATP player, which meant it had a lower profile than the men or women’s grand finals, which are usually more popular.

In addition, the main draw for the main event is the tennis fans, who are usually bigger and spend more money on tickets.

In the women in particular, the audience was up on last year, when the women reached a record 11.4m.

That meant the women won every single event in the main Grand Slam.

However, the draw for this year’s main event wasn’t as strong, with the women only drawing 1.3m viewers and a TV audience below 1.6m.

This was due to a weaker tennis performance than last year.

Last year, the women finished with an audience of 11m.

In 2018, it was 7.4million, the lowest ever in a Grand Masters final.

There were no women’s doubles, so the women lost their first final to Djokov and won their second to the Spaniard.

The men’s Grand Masters had an audience at 7.1m, which is the lowest of any event in this year.

In the men, it averaged 7.3million viewers, and it was up by a third on the women from last year with 6.5million viewers.

However this was down by 1.4% from the previous Grand Slam and down by 5.4%.

The men were still the second most-watched event of the year.

Overall audience was 6.9m, down by 2.3% on last years final.

In terms of viewers per event, it’s the third lowest in the past 50 years.

The total audience for this Grand Masters match was 5.6million, up by 1% from last years match.

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